Zimmerhof Symposium 2011. Sacrilegium 2.0

Interesante simposio que se celebra en Alemania del 23 al 26 junio de 2011.  El programa de este año está comisariado por dos autores muy especiales: Gisbert Stach, de Munich, y Peter Vermandere, de Amberes.

Sacrilegium 2.0/ buried roots, forbidden fruits and hidden treasures from the fully grown tree.
"The new always carries with it the sense of violation, of Sacrilege. What is dead is sacred; what is new, that is 
different, is evel, dangerous or subversive.” Henry Miller
Jewellery = History = Fashion = Luxery =Art = Tradition = Design = Business = Individuality = International = Cross over = Zimmerhof.
Trough the Symposium we want to embrace past traditions, anticipate future evolutions but most of all we want to celebrate the richness of the present.
The yearly recurring Zimmerhof Symposium is probably the longest existing symposium of it´s kind. Through the years it has grown to be the time and place to be for contemporary jewellery people (professionals and students) to meet and greet, to talk and discuss. The long tradition und the positive development are the motivavion to continue the symposium, even if in 2010 it couldn´t take place because of less registrations.
Zimmerhof is still alive. The setting is the impressive old estate in Bad Rappenau-Zimmerhof. To keep the program fresh and kicking, the lectures are always organized by a different team of jewellery professionals.This year Peter Vermandere, jewellery artist from Antwerpen, curated the Symposium 2011 again, together with Gisbert Stach, jewellery artist from Munich.

Precio estudiante 130€
Grupo de cinco estudiantes 100€ por persona.
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