Convocatoria del Festival de Legnica 2011. SEXY

20th Legnica International Jewellery Competition. SEXY

To be sexy or not to be…
If poetry is about love and art is about love, and music is about love, and theatre
is about love, and if opera is about love… why do we think design is about… functionality?” 
Paraphrazing M.Wander’s words: if human is sexy, if money is sexy, if power is sexy, if mind is sexy, why do we think that jewellery should be functional…? Is being sexy a necessary condition for the existence in the contemporary world? When sexy is everything,  is anything really sexy? Can contemporary jewellery still stir up the senses and emotions?

Deadline for sending pieces:  1st APRIL  2011
We invite you to Legnica, especially in May (20-21), when we celebrate Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER.

The Art Gallery in Legnica
Pl. Katedralny 1
59-220 Legnica. Poland

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